Monday, January 20, 2014

One of the Greatest Smoothies Ever

I cannot take credit for this delicious smoothie, because the recipe was passed onto me by a friend. However, it is my duty to make sure everyone can enjoy this delicious healthy smoothie. It is actually quite simple to make, just mix orange juice, kale, some baby spinach, apples and mangoes in a blender and voila! You can also try adding apple juice or mango juice instead of the actual fruit, but it is better if you get the natural fruit. The orange juice is also preferably natural, none of that sugary stuff.

One of the best benefits of this smoothie, besides being delicious and a great snack or after-workout drink, is that it includes two of the best greens out there, kale and spinach. A lot of people don't like this taste, but the orange juice camouflages it quite well. The smoothie is actually more on the sweet side, and it can be a great way to get kids to drink it and take advantage of all the vitamins. You can also freeze it and make it into popsicles for the summer. It is a nice and healthy dessert. Also, if you are iron deficient like myself, this is a great drink for you. The high iron levels in the kale and spinach get absorbed better in the company of vitamin C, which there is plenty of because of the fruits, especially the orange juice.

Even this guy seems to like it!

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  1. Very tasty. I recommend using a powerful blender so that the kale and spinach are seamlessly blended into the juices. If not, then you can have a grainy texture to the smooth. It still will taste refreshing regardless.