Tuesday, January 21, 2014

DIY Les Misérables 24601 T-shirt

After going to see the iconic musical Les Misérables, based on the Victor Hugo novel, my fiancé and I came out of the theatre singing "One More Day". We stopped by the souvenir shop at the exit to quickly glance at the overpriced products, when he saw a long-sleeve 24601 t-shirt that he loved. 24601 is the prisoner number of Jean Valjean, the main character, and it is sung in some of the songs. The shirt was also about $40.

The official 24601 shirt.

I immediately told him not to spend his money, as I figured a similar shirt would be quite easy to make… and it was. I got a plain black t-shirt from Wal-mart, number stencils from the dollar store, and white acrylic paint I already had (although you can also use white fabric paint, they will both work).

I first passed a lint-roller through the surface of the shirt to make sure the paint will adhere properly onto the fabric. Then I played around using a ruler and the stencils to make sure they were in a straight line and evenly spaced out. Next I used a little bit of tape to hold them in place. I used my left hand to further hold the stencils in place when I was applying the paint. Not a lot of paint was needed, just enough to cover the fabric evenly.

I waited a few minutes and took the stencils off carefully. Then I waited for the paint to be completely dried, and then I ironed the design, using another piece of fabric in between the shirt/paint and the iron.

The shirt was a success! My fiancé was over the moon, and immediately put it on. Also, the stencil design I chose and the black and white colours used, further the prisoner look that Jean Valjean is all about.

Stencils after use.

Final t-shirt.

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